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Wow Priest Leveling Guide – Three Tips for Quick Leveling

WoW priest leveling guidePriests in WoW aren’t restricted to healer role. With the correct build, you can make a priest into a killing machine that can compete with a warlock. Compared to a warlock, you lack the pet to take the damages for you, but you have buffs and healing power to compensate for that. Here are some WoW priest leveling guide tips that you should know to level up your priest quickly:

1. Race Choice
Racial traits don’t really make huge differences, but there are a couple of races that will provide you with some benefits.

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Dwarf: got Stoneform to get rid of poison, disease, and bleed effects. This is useful if you’re planning to do PvP in the future.
Draenei: got Heroic Presence to improve your hit rate. Additionally, they got Gift of the Naaru should you’re use up all your mana.

Troll: got Berserking, which will increase your attack and casting speed.
Blood Elf: got Silence. This ability mostly used in PvP.

2. Talent Tree
When I talked about priest as killing machine before, I’m talking about Shadow build. This build will ensure that you can deal with your opponents on your own, which is great for solo leveling. Keep in mind that you can only see the potential of this build around level 40. At early level, you simply don’t have adequate mana and effective killing spells, thus you have to take it easy first.

Needless to say, you can always take the Holy tree and make yourself the healer of a team. If you like to team and do instances a great deal, you’ll see that teaming with a real damage dealer class like Rogue or Retribution Paladin can give you quite fast experiences.

If you’re going solo, I recommend the Shadow tree, which is the best option for fast solo leveling. These are the important talents in this build:

Improved Shadow Word: Pain
Twisted Faith
Improved Mind Blast
Improved Devouring Plague
Harnessed Shadows
Vampiric Embrace
Mind Melt
Vampiric Touch
Pain and Suffering
Pyschic Horror
Shadowy Apparition
Veiled Shadows

Don’t forget, you have to be patient until you reach level 40. From then on, you’ll have the mana regeneration and excellent killing spells that you need to finish off your opponents fast.

3. Leveling Strategies
World of Warcraft provides you with various leveling methods, but the quickest and most efficient strategy is leveling through quests. Obviously, you need to know the correct sequence so you can accept and complete the quests in the fastest possible way. A great WoW priest leveling guide can certainly help you in this issue. Furthermore, occasionally, you can always add dungeons to the menu for additional experiences and gears.

Another leveling method is making a team with pure damage dealer classes and leveling together. I’m not really recommending this method since you become extremely dependent with other characters. However, that seems to be the most effective way if you go Holy.

Ok, so here’s the to do list for fast leveling: pick race with racial abilities that can make your life as a priest easier, focus on the Shadow tree, and utilize good WoW priest leveling guide to  complete the quests efficiently. Addtional tips: fear is useful, but watch where and when you use it. If you use it carelessly, mobs that run away will get back with backups. That is a situation that you should avoid at all cost.

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