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  • Basic concept and suggested setup for newbies.
  • The fastest leveling method with examples
  • The best abilities and abilities rotation
  • Starting farming at low level and best farming spots
  • Leveling your gathering and crafting professions
  • Leveling two profitable secondary professions
  • Smart ways to utilize the Auction House
  • Using the right abilities in PvP for each class

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World Of Warcraft Strategy Guide

World of Warcraft Strategy Guide is something you definitely need if you plan to dominate the game. There are thousands of players out there who always trying something new every day, testing tips and tricks from numerous WoW forums. After through these long trials, some are having small success, others don’t.

There is reason for this; WoW is a massive game, contain multiple factors such as race, class, professions, events, quests, guilds, the game’s economy, and hundreds other. As a single player, there is NO WAY you can mastering all of these on your own even if you sit down playing WoW 24/7 for years. The game will simply catch on by releasing new patch or expansion pack.

Then how do you dominating the game without put so much effort? Let’s review some facts: World of Warcraft is a MMORPG created by Blizzard Entertainment, a world famous name in the PC game industry for years. Even today, there are players that still playing their game that released back in 1990s (Star Craft and Diablo II). Currently WoW is the world’s most-subscribed MMORPG with 11.5 million monthly subscriber and hold 62% of MMORPG market.

Get the picture? With this massive subscriber and MMORPG market domination, this game is provide potentially huge market for WoW related products. And that is what people do: create products; and strategy guide is the one with the highest demand, period. Now, as I stated above, there is no way a single player can mastering all the game aspects even if he play the game without rest every day; even if he just create a specific guide such as gold guide, he still has to update the tricks on every patch and expansion, so how did he keeps up with all the tasks?

The answer is simple: these guys are professionals; they do this as a job and have many staffs to help them on various tasks, such as managing forum, researching the new patch, fixing bugs, testing new methods, etc to cover as many aspects of the game which one cannot do alone. With their income on the line, staffs to paid every months, and the money back guarantee promise, they will sure to deliver you the best guides the can create with the fastest update (most of these products comes with lifetime subscription, so you can be sure to receive updates) to satisfy your need.

The fact remains: people will do better if there are something to gain back, so you definitely won’t find any of their secret tricks in any free source information provider such as forum. So if you want to dominating the game, get the best and most comprehensive guide you can find and follow its every steps. Currently, the best team to create such guides is lead by “Dugi” Dave Farrell; this is their awesome result:

Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

Today, with so many guides creators competing with each other, it is even more beneficial for us since many of these creators are deeply specialized in one field such as PvP, power leveling, Auction House dominating, etc. They keep searching and updating secrets tricks in each of their respective field that I even sure that Blizzard is having hard time to keep the game  interesting when they broke record after record. Read about these top guides at best world of warcraft guide.


Stop Wasting Your Time Trying to Figure Out Everything by Yourself! Discover What You Never Know About Leveling, Gold Making, and PvP That Will Change Your WoW Life Forever!

Get Your FREE Six Part World of Warcraft Mini Course NOW!

Here’s what you’ll discover in the next six days that will GREATLY enhance your playing and solve most of your problems in WoW:

  • Introduction to starting WoW: Race, Class, Leveling, Professions, Gold Making, and suggested setup for your 1st character.
  • The concept of fastest leveling method; complemented with examples for real implementation.
  • Recognize the most important abilities to have for each class along with the best ability rotation to dish greater DPS.
  • Farming: best places to start at low level and a list of some profitable farming locations.
  • Gatherer Professions: Where and what to gather to level your profession to 450.
  • Crafting Professions: What to craft to level your profession to 450.
  • Leveling two profitable secondary professions simultaneously.
  • Auction House: understanding Warcraft economic, efficient gold management, assessing item value, profitable professions, recommended add-ons, understanding weekly cycles, and lots of tips to play the AH right.
  • The best way to use talents and abilities in PvP for each class.

A lot of WoW players are quit because they lack the knowledge required to enjoy the game to the fullest. Anyone stuck at level 54 and poor will probably getting frustrated and decide to quit WoW, but I can help you achieve a lot more than that. Get my mini course now by signing up today and see how it will solve your problems in WoW!

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